What to wear to an audition for kids

How to dress for an audition

Are you a child actor or the manager / parent of one? Do you have an audition coming up and are faced with the task of picking something out of the wardrobe to wear to the audition? If so, here are are few hints and tips from the pros.

Here are a few don’ts to get you started in finding what to wear to your audition.

No solid black
No solid white.
No solid baby colors (i.e. baby blue, baby pink)
No busy attire or patterns
No loud colors or neon.
No logos

When dressing your child for an audition make sure that she is dressing age appropriate. Do not make her look older or younger than she is. The casting director knows the age and is expecting to see a child that represents that age.

Choose clothing that looks good with your child’s hair and skin color. Simple can be great. Use a few accessories to add some personality to the outfit (shoes, belt, hairclip). Avoid overdoing it on the jewelry. Keep the jewelry simple – think simple stud earrings. You want your child to shine, not the bling.

Do not wear anything that may be distracting or that your child may play with out of habit such as bangle bracelets or a pendant.

Do not wear new shoes. Make sure the shoes she is wearing are comfortable and worn in.

Make sure the hair is neat. Pulling back the hair with a clip or band will show off her face. Refrain from using any makeup, remember, age appropriate.